Xo Tattoo Meaning The Weeknd

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18 facts you need to know about the weeknd. Proof of this is the fact that almost all stars have a tattoo.

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And their number is only growing.

Xo tattoo meaning the weeknd. I know ovoxo is drake and the weeknd. 2do not pronounce abel as. I wanted to get a tattoo and i like the way the xo logo looks however im looking at 3 major downsides.

If you do oh boy do i feel bad for you. When posting unreleased music by the weeknd and youre unsure if its actually him do not title it as new. Given that xo is part of the slogan xo til we overdose the latter seems more feasible.

Some have claimed that xo simply stands for hugs and kisses while others argue the letters represent the drugs ecstasy and oxycontin. I see allot of people put is i know xo stands for the weeknd but whats the ovo. Xo stands for ecstasy and oxycodone.

Ovo means octobers very own but i wanna know forsure what the xo means. The weeknd tattoo xo tattoo tattoo quotes first tattoo tattoos with meaning body art tattoos tattoos first time tattoos meaning tattoos weeknd xo forward xo mokin the weeknd xo til we overdos till we. Drake and the weeknd have collaborated on a number of tracks including crew love and the zone both of which mention that ovo and that xo the acronym ovo which appears in drakes owl tattoo on his back stands for octobers very own and is the name.

Please tell me how you feel about. Why is the the weeknds crew called xo. Some fans claim that the xo in the weeknds xo crew simply stands for hugs and kisses while others claim the letters represent the drugs ecstasy and oxycontin.

Therefore to make a rating of celebrities tattoos is not entirely correct. What does the xo mean for the weeknd. Xotwod xo til we overdose.

1do not get xo confused with hugs and kisses. Each tattoo is an individuality. It is also the name of the weeknds record label.

Considering the ubiquity of drugs in his songs the latter seems likely. The weeknd no e folks. This image appears in the gallery.

Low effort posts will be removed. Xo tattoo the weeknd pampering or undying trend. What is ovoxo.

You knew that a tattoo is an essential element of modern culture. Limit self promo links of your own music to 1 post per week additional posts will be removed. Or better known to xos as abel m.

The weeknd tattoo xo tattoo the weeknd quotes tattoo quotes bone tattoos sleeve tattoos small tattoos abel makkonen tattoo drawings paulin gomes tattoos the weeknd will be lovingly printed on acid free fine art paper using high quality inks. Drizzys xo bird tattoo meaning. What does cups of the xo mean in the song marvins room by drake.

If someone considers themselves xo they mean that they are fan of the weeknd. Tag your posts with the appropriate flair if possible.

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Xo Tattoo Meaning
Xo Tattoo Meaning
Types of prison tattoo. Xo tattoos for
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