Upside Down Triangle Tattoo Meaning

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There were no right side up triangles nor were there patches for bisexuals. The greek symbol of an upside down triangle is called nabla.

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Upside Down Triangle Symbol Meaning Best 25 Upside Down Triangle

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In mathematics an upside down triangle corresponds to the gradient operator and is sometimes called del.

Upside down triangle tattoo meaning. A triangle tattoo has many different meanings to it. Triangle was indeed taken by gay community you might remember a controversial character from the 90s the purple teletubby with the triangle. An upside down triangle where the tip is pointing downward symbolizes the female and the feminine side of things.

Does a tattoo similar to the one in the pic in the same position and same spot on the arm mean homosexuality. The most common symbolism is the christian faith. As we know a triangle has three corners and three sides this would represent the holy trinity.

See more ideas about delta meaning delta symbol meaning and open meaning. A triangle with the point facing upward is a masculine symbol. The pink triangle comes from what homosexual victims of nazi germany wore like the yellow star for jews brown triangle for gypsies blue star for immigrant etc.

Best 25 upside down triangle meaning ideas on pinterest delta meaning delta symbol meaning and open meaning find and save ideas about upside down triangle meaning on pinterest. But instead of being shaded blue its red.

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Triangle Tattoo Meaning
Triangle Tattoo Meaning
A tattoo is a form of body
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