Traditional Snake Tattoo Meaning

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In some cultures the snake is shown in the negative light and signifies maliceguile revenge and death but in the others ones its a deeply respected reptile which epitomizes wisdom strength might and authority. In traditional japanese tattoos the snake holds a wide range of meanings and performs a number of important functions.

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Snake tattoos represent potency and power.

Traditional snake tattoo meaning. Meanings of snake tattoo designs. Lion and snake tattoos. The more you research this angle of snake symbolism the more you may find yourself empowered by it.

In greek myth snakes are symbolic of health and healing as we see them associated with asclepius see the staff of asclepius tattoo meaning here who was a renowned deity of medicine healing and said to grant regenerative. It gives the appearance that its ready to strike and it manages to do just that by striking fear into the hearts of those looking at it. They are very traditional and quite a few individuals have these types of tattoos.

The symbol of the snake appears in many cultures and regions. The bad or side of the devil. The meaning of snake tattoos can vary depending on what reference you will choose.

The sign of protection or even medicine. Unlike panthers which are usually depicted in mid action snakes are typically shown coiled and ready to strike representing a dont tread on me sensibility thus warding off evil misfortune and potential brawls. Koi fish tattoo designs.

Among its many attributes are protection from illness disaster and bad fortune. Since there are so many cultures that have some meaning attached to the snake the tattoo with this motif has both positive and negative connotations. A snake curled about your ankle looks best when its coloured and more real looking than artistic.

Small snake tattoo on the hand. A snake curled tattoo on ankle for girls. The lion is the king of the jungle and his impressive roar makes others tremble in their hooves.

By extension a rose and snake tattoo is a tip of the hat to the temptation of eve in the garden of eden. Here are some meanings associated with the snake tattoo. A simple black snake tattoo.

One of the most popular old school or traditional tattoo designs is the heart with a banner reading the word mom. Much like dragons lions are distinctly masculine symbols of primal power and strength. Sailor jerrys favorite snake to ink was a king cobra.

Another very popular old school designs is the heart with a dagger through it in some cases there is a banner with a name on it as well. Snake tattoo on the palm. Protection wisdom good luck strength and change.

In many cultures such as african chinese hopi and native american snakes are associated with water. Snake tattoos are a classic. The meaning of this tattoo design is pretty self explanatory.

Meaning of snake tattoos snake tattoo symbolism the snake is a controversial symbol. There are hundreds of tales and legends about this fascinating creature.

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Traditional Snake Tattoo
Traditional Snake Tattoo
Tattoos date back for thousands of years
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