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Not to be confused with matter magic. Telekinesis often called teke or tk much less known as psychokinesis is the psionic ability to move manipulate and control a multitude of people and objects with the mind without physically touching them especially over long distances.

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This is one of the most common and most versatile powers possessed by magical beings be they good evil or neutral.

Superpower wiki telekinesis. Classic editor history talk 0 share. The power to manipulate matter using magic. Superpower wiki is a fandom comics community.

View mobile site star wars tv episode ix. The ability to manupluate and this that has mater like a person or a item any object example if your running and your being picked up off the ground suddenly your and then your sat back down. One with this ability can psychically exert force to lift bodies of matter at will.

After gaining an inspiron power ring buddha super buddies possessed the power of telekinesis incorrectly called super mind control. Depending on the users skill and power they may be. Telekinesis is the ability to move or otherwise exert force on objects or people from a distance and without physical contact.

This even includes the ability to use magic as a medium to. Psychokinesis experiments have historically been criticized for lack of proper controls and repeatability. The last stand in her dark phoenix alter ego has telekinesis so powerful she can disintegrate her opponents.

Furthermore one can psychically exert force to. Magical variation of telekinesis. Telekinesis is the power to move objects or individuals with ones mind.

Psychokinesis from greek psyxh mind and kinhsis movement or telekinesis from thle far off and kinhsh movement is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. This is one of the most common yet most versatile powers possessed by magical beings be they good evil or neutral. The user can use magic or magical energy to telekinetically push move lift or otherwise manipulate matter in general.

Write the text of your article here. This is the ability to psychically produce force and motion at will. The ability is often used with gestures or other forms of bodily movements.

However it is also used with some form of mental effort as well as with strong emotion. This ability can be. In addition one could psychically exert force to push or pull bodies of matter at will.

Write the text of your article here. Superpower wiki is a fandom lifestyle community. The strength of telekinesis varies depending on the strength and skill of users.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects as well as individuals with the mind. It can be channeled through the eyes or hands the latter being the most common way to use the power.

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