Old Tattoo Touch Up

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Tattoos are permanent but that doesnt mean they dont need upkeep. In addition to having the best orlando tattoo artists hart and huntington has the technology to upgrade and touch up your tattoo.

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Before And After Photos Show How Tattoos Age And Fade

A lot of people have questions about touching up old tattoos as well as how to keep them from aging and fading in the first place.

Old tattoo touch up. In fact most tattoo designs will require a touch up at some point. For an artist to create a new awesome cover up some of the old tattoo might need to be lightened or removed. If a tattoo is unfinished one of hart and huntingtons skilled tattoo artists can fill in the gaps add detail or incorporate new elements to make the tattoo look exactly like whats in your mind.

Many clients do not recognize the need for or the importance of touch ups. Tattoo removal is an expensive and often quite painful process but it is one option for dealing with an old worn out tattoo. There are a number of things that can fade your ink like sun exposure or water and its important to be conscious of these factors.

An old tattoo is sure to change. Whether it fades gets dated in style or simply lacks the luster it once had you can always opt to have them zapped through laser removal or simply have them revamped remixed or touch up. Reputable artists guarantee their work and the touch ups are normally free of charge provided the client has taken proper care of the healing tattoo.

In order to make your tattoo last as long as possible without needing a touch up you should always wear sunscreen over the design. One of the biggest enemies of tattoo longevity is the sun. You may feel that the work looks perfect but do yourself a favor and let your artist make that judgement.

We answer all of your questions.

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Touch Up Tatto
Touch Up Tatto
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Touch Up Tattoo
Touch Up Tattoo
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