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Planet goes back to ancient greek planet literally wanderer which is derived from planasthai a greek verb which means to wander the name planet was originally applied to any of seven visible celestial bodies which appeared to move independently of the fixed stars the sun the moon mercury venus mars jupiter and saturn. Ruled by the planet neptune pisceans generally share the following strengths.

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In greek mythology when the big three divided the world zeus took for himself the sky hades the underworld and poseidon the sea.

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Sensitivity and imagination compassion and kindness a selfless and unworldly nature and they have strong senses of intuition and often. The meanings and symbols are completely different from the western ones but the chinese zodiac also has twelve signs that circulate every twelve years. Another tattoo idea on my list is to get a tattoo to represent my zodiac sign.

Pisces tattoos february 20 thru march 20 pisces also known as the fish is actually represented by two fish each one swimming in the opposite direction from the other. The farout dwarf planet as seen from the subaru splace telescope. It is the methane gas in the atmosphere that gives the planet its beautiful blue green hues.

Granted i am an aquarius and not a pisces but i still think that my zodiac sign. I have always liked my zodiac sign. Poseidon god of the sea horses and earthquakes poseidon was part of the big three greek gods along with his brothers hades and zeus.

As one of only two ice giants in the outer reaches of the solar system neptune being the other uranus has an atmosphere very similar to that of its gassy brother jupitermainly hydrogen and helium with some methane and trace amounts of ammonia and water. Even in astronomical terms planet nine is staggeringly far awayits average distance from the sun is 56 billion miles over 20 times the distance from the sun to neptune the most distant of the current planetsto put it another way nasas new horizons probe which recently reached pluto after a journey of nine years would have taken at least 54. Poseidon was responsible for the creation of pegasus.

Amy wong voiced by lauren tom is a main character from the fox and comedy central television animated series futuramashe works as an intern at planet express supposedly kept around because she shares professor farnsworths blood type and doesnt notice the professors tendency to send his crews on suicide missionsshe is the ditzy spoiled daughter of wealthy agriculturalist. They believe the spherical object is a dwarf planet more than 500 kilometres in diameter with a pinkish hue.

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Neptune Tattoo
Neptune Tattoo
Poseidon was responsible for the creation of
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