Jesus Fish Sign Tattoo

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Its thought that the fish symbol is used to represent jesus because of the numerous times fish were talked about during the bible. The jesus fish tattoos are one such sacrosanct design that has roots in the long and glorious tale of christs life.

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Oftentimes fish tattoos are applied as a sign of worship to god people who wear these tattoos are deeply religious.

Jesus fish sign tattoo. Only an inch long though. This one is a bright traditional jesus fish image carved on the wrist. The first appearance of the ichthys symbol dates back to the 2nd century ad.

40 ichthus tattoo designs for men jesus fish ink ideas. There are numerous sacred designs that are sported as tattoos. The simplistic design of the fish makes it easily recognizable and when drawn in conventional form is a nod to those christian ideals.

This symbol is shaped like a fish and the official name for it is ichthys or ichthus and these are greek words. This is a classic symbol that dates back to the early days of christianity and serves as an excellent way to denote your devotion to the lord. This sign is used by christians and mainly resembles the outline of a fish.

Christian fish tattoos jesus fish tattoos and compass tattoo design also planning on getting an icthus on my left wrist. The use of the symbol was fairly popular in the late 2nd century. 25 majestic jesus fish tattoos.

It is said that most of the disciples of christ were fishermen and therefore the affinity with the fish. The inspiration behind the design of the jesus fish tattoo is rooted in the idea that jesus was able to feed millions of people by multiplying two fish. Fisch tattoos christian fish tattoos piercings na orelha peircings jesus tattoo cool tattoos wrist tattoos tatoos sweet tattoos.

Small fish tattoos christian fish tattoos ribbon tattoos religious tattoos in ear tattoo piercing tattoo ear tattoos tatoos foot tattoos jesus fish tattoo behind ear whether you turn to the right or to the left your ears will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way. Beside the fish there is a name jesus so the overall meaning of this tattoo on the foot is christian denomination this ink is worn by a believer.

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Fish Jesus Tattoo
Fish Jesus Tattoo
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