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While writing this i realized that i never really went over her mythology when i first got my persephone tattoo. Kore persephone proserpina.

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According to the myth after making a deal shes to stay with her mother demeter goddess of the harvest half a year and the other half next to her husband in the underworld.

Greek mythology persephone tattoo. Other major players in the greek mythology game who are regularly seen in tattoos include aphrodite the goddess of love and lust. Helen of troy when she was a child of ten and then the goddess persephone because. Persephone is most well known for being the greek goddess of spring daughter of the goddess of the harvest demeter and wife to hades the greek god of the underworld.

Persefonh also called kore kri. There are a few versions of persephones myth. Modest greek mythology symbols god im probly athena hermes hades or tyche rick riordan philosophy symbol tattoo 1000 ideas about ancient greek tattoo on.

Poseidon god of the seas. The story of persephone the sweet daughter of goddess demeter who was kidnapped by hades and later became the queen of the underworld is known all over the world. Shes often associated with spring and nature.

Medusa myth greek gods and goddesses greek goddess of wisdom greek goddess tattoo athena goddess greek mythology tattoos greek and roman mythology minerva goddess tattoo deus athena is the greek goddess of wisdom and strategical war. All of these individuals possess compelling stories attached. The myth of her abduction by hades was frequently used to explain the cycle of the seasons.

After being abducted and married to hades she became queen of the underworld. And medusa the serpent haired villain. Why im getting a greek mythology tattoo today cousins of a broken heart ariadne and medea.

In this guise she was seen as a protectress in the after life although hesiod repeatedly describes her as dread persephone in his theogony. It is actually the way of the ancient greeks to explain the change of the seasons the eternal cycle of the natures death and rebirth. Persephone goddess of the underworld.

Persephone queen of the underworld. She was a dual deity since in addition to presiding over the dead with intriguing autonomy as the daughter of demeter she was also a goddess of fertility. Persephone the daughter of demeter and zeus was the wife of hades and the queen of the underworld.

The names and symbols of the most popular greek godsgoddesses. In greek mythology persephone persfeni. The maiden is the daughter of zeus and demeter and is the queen of the underworld.

Ares god of war. Homer describes her as the formidable venerable majestic princess of the underworld who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead. In greek mythology the goddess as wife of hades is the queen of the underworld and takes her other name persephone.

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Persephone Tattoo
Persephone Tattoo
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