Faded Tattoo Touch Up

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There are a number of things that can fade your ink like sun exposure or water and its important to be conscious of these factors. Re coloring faded of tattoos that have maintained their outlines can make them current again.

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A more talented tattoo artist will rework your tattoo with a cover up.

Faded tattoo touch up. Without sunscreen the ultraviolet rays can lead to damage and fade your tattoo. Check with the tattoo shop about its policy on this before you contract with it to do your tattoo. Often its just too much time spent in the sun leaving you with tanned skin and a faded tattoo.

If you like the idea but not the look you can ask for an upgrade. Other times its spending too much time submerged in water. Updating faded tattoos with new ink.

In fact most tattoo designs will require a touch up at some point. Tattoo designs that have faces or symbols in them highly benefit from some touch up work. Most places have a touch up and no fade guarantee so call or go back to your tattoo artist and explain that it needs touched up.

Tattoos are permanent but that doesnt mean they dont need upkeep. Many people find it tempting to pick at their scabs after getting inked. Schedule an appointment to have your tattoo retouched.

The colors in a tattoo is usually the first area of the tattoo to show wear. Once the damage is done. 15 yrs and sunlight has faded it some.

Seriously thinking about doing a tattoo touch up to my cameron tattoo. Upgrading failed or faded tattoos. In many cases a tattoo artist will touch up a tattoo at no charge if in fact he determines that the work he performed on you has faded.

July 22 2017july 20 2017. Tattoos need touch ups for a variety of reasons. Where on your body did you get the tattoo.

In order to make your tattoo last as long as possible without needing a touch up you should always wear sunscreen over the design. My tattoo has faded a bit what can i do. I get asked quite a bit about have i ever had my tattoos touched up when should you get a tattoo touch up etc.

One of the biggest enemies of tattoo longevity is the sun. This was also a very requested video from you guys. If you apply too much of a healing ointment or use a healing ointment that we dont recommend or you dont keep it clean or you go swimming or you rub your new tattoo against the beer soaked bar or any number of activities we would not advise your tattoo can and will be affected.

Ill throw this out. If you still have an emotional attachment to your old tattoo you can always get touch ups from the same artist or a new one that will pimp your ink again. If you use an over the counter product to darken it you run the risk of voiding the guarantee.

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