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This is where the moodinq tattoo system finds its niche. Theres no arguing it.

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A flexible electronic device stuck on the skin could provide irritation free monitoring of heart brain and muscle activity.

Electronic tattoo buy. Putting clock radio style numbers on your skin might not seem all that desirable. Prior to e inks development a dynamic image display required a constant current of electricity inevitably tying the longevity of the. Electronic ink is an incredible technology.

A micro electronic health monitor so thin light and portable that it can attach right to the surface of skin and go wherever a person goes. Well the future has arrived thanks to groundbreaking subdermal e ink technology we have been able to develop the worlds first e ink tattoo and mobile app. But some of us arent ready to let another human being repeatedly pierce our flesh with a needle and permanently inject it with ink when we arent 100 sure were going to be as passionate about zombie bunnies 20 years from now as we are today.

Theres no telling what a patch of electronics stuck to your body somewhere and connected wirelessly to a smartphone can do once app. Electronic tattoos to monitor vital signs. Electronic tattoos offer convenience to medical tech the new device tracking muscle and nerves is the latest attempt to read people using their skin.

This electronic tattoo turns your skin into a screen. In store pickup free shipping. Electronic tattoo science of innovation.

Visit your local best buy at 181 curtner ave in san jose ca for electronics computers appliances cell phones video games more new tech. Rub on electronics that stick to the skin like a temporary tattoo could revolutionise patient monitoring. Electronic tattoos are the ultimate wearable computer.

Cool tattoos are cool.

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Electronic Tattoo
Electronic Tattoo
A flexible electronic device stuck on the
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