Color Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning

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The color of your lotus flower tattoo also has a wide array of meaning. Keep reading to know all about them.

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Symbolizing the original state of the heart a red lotus symbolizes love compassion passion and other emotions of the heart.

Color lotus flower tattoo meaning. In modern times the meaning of a lotus flower tattoo ties into its religious symbolism and meaning. The meaning varies slightly between the two religions of course but essentially both religious traditions place importance on the lotus flower. Meanings of lotus tattoos.

Lotus flower comes in many colors like red pink blue purple and white. Where blue lotus tattoo represents knowledge wisdom and intelligence. Lotus flower color meanings.

The lotus flower is very common in eastern cultures mostly because it has so many meanings to those cultures. Lotus flower tattoos has various meaning with each colors. Combining the religious cultural color and your own personal connection to this unique flower will give you your perfect lotus flower tattoo.

Most tattoo enthusiast feel that the a lotus tattoo represent life in general. In a less religious sense the color pink can also be connected to femininity. Lotus flower tattoo meaning.

Each color holds a specific meaning in the buddhist religion. Similarly a pink lotus represents devotion towards the divine while a blue one stands for learning and intelligence. This strengthens the meaning of the lotus in hindu culture where the flower is seen as the chief symbol for female beauty.

In asia egypt and india the lotus flower is as popular as the rose is in the united states but it has certainly climbed up the ranks in the us. Pink lotus tattoo meaning. As for the leg you can get sacred lotus flower tattoos on your ankle just above it or at the thigh.

A lotus flower can be almost any color including red pink yellow white purple and blue. Lotus flower tattoo meaning by color. For example white lotus flower tattoo is symbolize for mental and spiritual enlightenment.

Or you can get a photorealistic lotus tattoo on your knee. The pink lotus is actually the color that most directly symbolizes buddha himself. Although the lotus has a general meaning each lotus flower color has its own too.

Also buddhism has meanings for various colors of lotus flowers as a red colored lotus stands for the heart which implies love and passion. More passionately colored red purple and blue lotus flower blooms can take on a spiritual meaning of ascension enlightenment or rebirth. In terms of flower symbolism.

Symbolic meaning of lotus flower. The color of the lotus certainly affects its general meaning as well. The white lotus flower and pink lotus flower from the nelumbo family are seen as meaning purity and devotion.

The red lotus is also known as the heart lotus. Lotus tattoo meaning by color. The lotus flower meaning.

This lotus flower is often depicted as an open bloom to symbolize the ideal state of the heart. The red lotus is the heart lotus. In fact most of the religions and cultures associate these colors and their meanings in their own lives as well.

Tattoos Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning

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Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning
Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning
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