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A seemingly innocuous number 1488 actually has a very specific meaning and its a nasty one. This particular group of criminals began abiding by certain rules in prison such as forbidding members to cooperate with authority.

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The thin blue line.

Brotherhood tattoos meaning. This number can be. Gang tattoos identify gang members symbolizes commitment and allegiance to ones gang and can also identify a particular crime threat or another gang related event. Going back throughout modern history tattoos have long been associated with criminality.

The home for angels is heaven and the home for a vor is prison. Prison tattoos are an infamous and sometimes integral part of prison life they can symbolize toughness or refusal to accept authority. In some places the tattoo can mean a lengthy prison sentence while in others it signifies that the.

At first glance some of the tattoos you are about to see actually seem like sentimental nods to family and loved ones strength and perseverance or even religion and faith. Prison tattoos are done in the most primitive and rudimentary of ways with home made needles and tattoo guns. They can also be gang symbols or racist signs.

These emblems can be spotted on the front license plates of cars and trucks and they appear as stickers on rear windows on t shirts websites profile pictures and even tattoos. One of the most widely recognized prison tattoos the teardrops meaning varies geographically. Whilst it is true that there are links to certain tattoos gangs criminal tattoo rituals and similar it has to be said that in my opinion most of this line of thinking is mere stereotyping of tattooed people.

And sometimes inmates make it easy to know exactly what theyve been up to through the use of tattoos. The aryan brotherhood of texas abt is an american white supremacist neo nazi prison gangaccording to the anti defamation league and the southern poverty law center the aryan brotherhood of texas is one of the largest and most violent neo nazi white supremacist prison gang and organized criminal enterprises in the united states responsible for numerous murders and other violent crimes. Criminal tattoo history meanings and gang tattoos.

Youve probably seen the symbola solid blue horizontal line or bar bordered on the top and bottom by black rectangles. Jail staff can stay safer by knowing as much as they can about inmates. The vor v zakone consider prison to be their true home and have a saying that reflects this belief.

The number 14 stands for 14 words or the mantra of the aryan brotherhood the 14 word phrase we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

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