Army Sleeve Tattoo Regulations

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For those with hand tattoos waivers are still an option. Summary of changes to ar 6701.

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If a soldier with a disallowed tattoo or brand refuses to have it removed then the commander is instructed to initiate administrative separation proceedings.

Army sleeve tattoo regulations. Rules are in effect. Soldiers can now get their arms legs and most of their bodies covered in tattoos. Regulations advise speaking with a unit leader to make sure the tattoo thats envisioned will abide by army rules.

Army issues new tattoo rules. Meaning and philosophy of army sleeve tattoo interesting facts and celebrity with army sleeve tattoo useful advice before drawing and caring for tattoos. Tattoos cannot be located anywhere on the neck or head above the lines of a t shirt.

Under the armys new tattoo policy soldiers will be able to have ink on their arms and legs as long as it isnt visible in the army service uniform. Sma explains armys new tattoo policy. This means sleeves are once again authorized as long as they dont extend past the wrist sergeant major of the army dan dailey told army times.

Under the new policy there are no longer limits on the size or number of tattoos soldiers can have on their arms and legs. There can be no more than one visible band tattoo. Washington april 10 2015 the army published the revised uniform and appearance regulation ar 670 1 and da pam 670 1 april 10.

Wear and appearance of army uniforms and insignia this rapid action revision dated 10 april 2015. This regulation prescribes department of the army policy for proper wear and appearance of army uniforms and insignia as worn by officers and enlisted personnel of the active army and the us. Tattoos in the army are now considered okay on the hands and back of the neck as long as they are not extremist indecent sexist or racist unfortunately this has recently been changed as per army regulation 670 1 reverting back to a hand tattoo prohibition.

Army reserve as well as by former sol diers. This publication is a major revi sion. O updates tattoo branding and body mutilation policy para 3 3.

Meaning and philosophy of army sleeve tattoo interesting facts and celebrity with army sleeve tattoo useful advice before drawing and caring for tattoos. Army tightens personal appearance tattoo policy. The new regulation lifts restrictions on the size and number of tattoos authorized for soldiers and changes the rules for the wear of the army combat uniform during commercial travel.

The army published an update to army regulation 670 1 on april 10 2015 meaning the new tattoo. They also cannot be located anywhere below the wrist bone. As a result of these placement and visibility rules tattoos and brands are not allowed on.

The army regulations do however allow one ring tattoo on each hand although it must not extend beyond where a ring naturally would rest on your finger between the lowest knuckle and your hand. Visible band tattoos cannot be longer than two inches wide.

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Army Sleeve Tattoo
Army Sleeve Tattoo
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