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Luffy and other pirates. We literally host thousands of series from all genres except hentai.

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Comment by schmulle for all of you asking why it has the insane amount of dps it is beacause the bow makes its own arrows therefore you can remove the arrowbullet dps from the timeless arrowshell which i assume every hunter raiding sunwell is using making it a 958 dps bow.

Absalom one piece wikia. One piece encyclopedia is a database that anyone can edit about the shonen jump anime and manga series one piece created by eiichiro oda that features monkey d. Ace and nicknamed fire fist ace was the adopted older brother of luffy and sabo and son of the late pirate king gol d. 666rik666 is a fanfiction author that has written 30 stories for warhammer naruto x overs mortal kombat starcraft warcraft marvel diablo darksiders young.

You can find even the oldest titles released 2. Garp as wished by roger to him before his birth. Download naruto bleach one piece.

He was adopted by monkey d. Ace was the 2nd division commander of the whitebeard pirates and one time captain of the spade pirates. Roger and his lover portgas d.

Ace born as gol d.

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